The HOCKENHEIM circuit is preparing to welcome the cars of the Nascar Whelen Euro Series, for a weekend of great thrills on the track with the Semi Finals 1 and 2 .
The Max Lanza driver led by Team Owner Fabrizio Armetta, has already carried out the intense stages of tests on the track, looking for the right feeling with the car for the 40 minutes of private tests on Friday morning. Continuing with the free practices and in the following two 30-minute sessions, the team made the final touches and found the optimal balance before the qualifications.
The calendar of events scheduled does not stop there: in addition to the Elite 1 and Elite 2 competitions, the competitions related to the P9 Challenge / STT / SCC and to the Renault Clio Cup Central Europe will also be held.
Everything is ready for Saturday’s qualifying day, looking for the best finish for Sunday’s races, even with the presence of Jacques Villeneuve, the extraordinary former Formula 1 and Indy 500 world champion, who will race on the race of Nascar Elite 1.
What race would it be without the beautiful paddock girl? And then this time too the combination of sportiness and beauty cannot be denied, thanks to the presence of the beautiful Eleonora D’Alessandro.
The most attentive will not miss the presence inside and outside the slopes of the former paddock girl Lada Poznyakova, making her debut this year with the new role of Sports Director of The Club team and the cameras of the Mario Russo videomaker, ready to resume all phases more exciting for the upcoming episodes of the reality DRIVER LIFESTYLE – AMERICAN DREAM, the innovative format that will make you experience the intense emotions of the NASCAR championship and that we invite you to follow on Max’s social channels!
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