The CEPI T.A.A.S. Group is composed of two main realities, complementary to each other and able to synergistically cover various services related to fire prevention and safety, consultancy and training, installations and solutions for energy saving.

CEPI T.A.A.S. – Fire and Security

The core business of CEPI T.A.A.S. it is related to the design, construction, installation and maintenance of fire prevention and safety systems, as well as the sale of fire and safety products. With particular attention to the quality of products and services, as well as a responsible approach to safety, aimed at effectively neutralizing risk.

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CEPI ENGINEERING – Training, Consulting and Engineering

Cepi Engineering deals with consulting, training and plant design in the following areas of activity: Safety, Energy saving, Environment. It is characterized by the high professionalism of its resources which constitute the great added value of the company.

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