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Gold Nutrition Supplement – TOTAL WHEY

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  • Muscle definition
  • With probiotics and digestive enzymes
  • Whey Protein: Isolate and concentrate


Per 2shakes (52 g)
40 g of protein + Lactowise ®

How to use

1x 150ml 1 hour before workout until 20 min after

TOTAL WHEY GOLDNUTRITION® is a formula rich in high biological value proteins, more precisely whey concentrate and isolate (whey protein).
Protein with a high biological value, very soluble, fast-absorbing and assimilating, low-fat, with a reduced carbohydrate concentration.
This formula contains Lactowise®, a patented symbiotic with Probiotic ingredients (Lactospore® – Bacillus coagulans) and Prebiotic ingredients (Fenumannan® – fenugreek seeds fibre), boosting intestinal health through the growth of bacteria that are beneficial to the organism, which also leads to a better incorporation of nutrients (especially protein).

To complement this formula, a complex of digestive Enzymes has been added – Lactase, Papain and Bromelain, which further improves the digestion and absorption of these proteins.

Ideal for

Muscle definition

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