Total Protein Bar

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Total Protein Bar

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  • Prevents muscle destruction after intense and consecutive training
  • Helps with recovery
  • Improves muscle definition and loss of fat mass
  • Supplements high protein diets


Composition per bar (46g)
15 g Protein + 18 g Carbohydrates + Vitamins + Minerals

Total Protein Bar is a hyperproteic bar (31% protein) exclusively with milk protein and whey protein, one of the protein sources with the highest available quality.

Total Protein Bar was designed to aid in muscle recovery after resistance training, but can also be incorporated into any diet as high absorption protein source.
The conjugation of proteins and carbohydrates present in Total Whey Protein Bar promotes both protein synthesis and the replenishment of glycogen.

Total Protein Bar is easy to digest since it doesn’t contain lactose and it has a wonderful texture and flavour, providing a healthy option to be eaten as a snack before and / or after your workout.

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