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Gold Nutrition Supplement – OATS&WHEY

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  • Controls appetite and prolongs satiety
  • Prevents the destruction of muscle tissue
  • Provides energy


Per shake (68g)
49g whole grain oat flour + 16g whey protein

How to use

220ml 68g 2x BREAKFAST or as a snack

OATS&WHEY GOLDNUTRITION® is a shake to be drunk in the morning because it combines whole oats and whey protein,
elements fundamental for a healthy breakfast.
Oats contain slow-absorbing carbohydrates and represent a good source of fibres, which helps increase satiety,
whereas whey protein helps maintain and increase muscle mass.

Oats & Whey is a shake easy to prepare, ideal for individuals who do not have much time in the morning,
but are concerned about their diet. The result is a balanced, complete and satisfying breakfast.
With no added sugars, a high content of fibres and a delicious taste, Oats & Whey is an excellent way to start the day.

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Vanilla, Strawberry, chocolate

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