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Gold Nutrition Supplement – EXTREME GEL

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  • Increases energy levels
  • Maximizes potency and energetic levels
  • Maintains blood sugar levels
  • Restores minerals lost in transpiration
  • Fights and delays fatigue


per gel with guarana and caffeine (40 g)
100 mg guarana + 25 g carbohydrates + 45 mg
caffeine + l-leucine + l-valine + l-isoleucine +
sodium + potassium + vitamins: b1, b2, b3, b6, c + e
per gel with taurine (40 g):
26 g carbohydrates + 50 mg taurine + l-leucine
+ l-valine; l-isoleucine + sodium + potassium +
vitamins: b1, b2, b3, b6, c + e

How to use

1x 1 houe of training

During prolonged effort, the levels of blood sugar tend to decrease as the organism loses important mineral salts when sweating, which may result in the loss of strength, velocity and premature physical and mental fatigue.

EXTREME GEL GOLDNUTRITION® is a tasty gel with practical use due to its composition of fast absorption sugars and high glycaemic index, minerals and branched chain amino acids that preserves blood sugars level, resets important mineral salts lost in transpiration, prevents fatigue and preserves muscular mass.

The presence of Guarana and Caffeine stimulates the energy levels of the organism and potentiates the destruction of adipose tissue.
This formula also contains B complex vitamins, crucial in energy metabolism processes during training.
Taurine allows an increase in concentration levels and prevents fatigue.

ideal for

Sports more than 1 hour

NO Caffeine

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With Guaranà, caffeine, With Taurina


Red fruits, Pineapple, Apple, Strawberry

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