Endurance Fruit Bar

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Endurance Fruit Bar

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  • Long term energy source
  • Maintains the levels of energy during exercises, prevents the loss of muscle mass

Composition per bar (40g)
4g Protein + 19g Carbohydrates

Endurance Fruit Bar are delicious energy bars that combine natural sugars from fruits with rapid and intermediate absorption sugars, thus favouring continuous sugar supply during prolonged exercise.

Due to the fact that these sugars have different absorption times ,
energy lasts for an extended period of time.
Endurance Fruit Bars are ideal for athletes who practice prolonged, strenuous workouts and endurance sports such as cycling, mountain biking, triathlon and athletics.

During extended workouts or competitions, glycogen stores and blood sugar levels drop, which usually results in fatigue, lack of motivation to continue competing, lack of concentration, etc.
Endurance Fruit Bar has an optimal sugars concentration, which are released in different phases, enabling the replenishment of glucose levels and preservation of energy levels for longer periods of time.

The bar also contain proteins that help maintain muscle mass.

Ideale per
Sports more than 1 hour

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