1 kg powder Fire extinguisher

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1 kg powder Fire extinguisher
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  • Certified powder extinguisher – FIRE CLASS: 8A – 34BC
  • It does not conduct electricity and can be used in the presence of live equipment. ABC powder is used for class A (solid materials) fires of class B (flammable liquids) and class C (flammable gases).
  • Product Quality Certification guaranteed by Bureau Veritas Italia
  • DESCRIPTION: The 1-2 kg fire extinguishers are mainly used and recommended in campers, cars, garages, small rooms. They are small in size, therefore very handy and practical even for use in confined spaces. CHARACTERISTICS – EFFECTS OF DUST ON FIRE: In extinguishing a fire the extinguishing powder produces the following effects: suffocation, cooling and shielding and fireproofing of the unburned parts.

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